About iCluster

What is the Project iCluster?

An innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem to facilitate and optimize entailment among stakeholders of government, academia and private industry, and their contact with the market through the use of trusted socio-economic data, expert working groups, regional innovation clusters, and smart specialization strategies, focusing on the entrepreneur, businesses, and end users.

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What is Project iCluster objective?

The central objective of Project iCluster is to develop and innovation ecosystem to:

  • foster high-impact entrepreneurship;
  • foster sectorial regional development through innovation regional clusters and innovation thematic workgroups;
  • provide feedback for public policy; and,
  • link interested parties stakeholders in Mexico and other regions to guide Mexico into a globally-competitive knowledge economy.
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How is it financed?

Project iCluster is co-financed by the National Entrepreneur's Institute (INADEM) of the Ministry of Economics in Mexico and by contributions made by ally organizations linked to the project.

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Who participes?

  • a Mexican Government entity as the intermediary body;
  • the Mexican Technology Platform (MTP) as the project execution body;
  • the Mexico-U.S. Entrepreneurship and Innovation Council (MUSEIC) Regional Innovation Cluster Subcommittee (iCluster);
  • the MUSEIC Women Entrepreneurship Subcommittee;
  • the Mexico National ICT Cluster Council (mxTI);
  • the Mexico Communication Council;
  • other allied organizations representing government, academia, and private industry; and,
  • regional and sectorial expert groups.
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What actions does it promote?

Mapping, identification, and acceleration of regional innovated entrepreneurship.

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Who benefits?

Communities focused on innovation areas, members of innovation clusters, and cities as triggers of global knowledge economies.

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Is there a way to participate in Project iCluster?

Membership in this network of innovative entrepreneurship is exclusively open to organizations that participate in the achievment of the strategic objectives of the iCluster Ecosystem.

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